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Stoney Patch 500mg Dummies


Stoner Patch THC Gummies Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, white grape from concentrate gelatin, citrus acid, sorbitol, natural artificial flavors. Recommended dose: 1 gummy.

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Stoney Patch 500mg of Thc Dummies

First, they’re sour, then they’re sweet, and then you are stoned! You can expect a long-lasting medical effect from these gummies. Stoney Patch THC candies combine our two favorite things: weed and candy to deliver you a wonderful high. Bringing you your favorite flavors, these delicious THC gummies are infused with high quality cannabis. Each bag contains a total of 500mg of THC, Recommended dose: 1 gummy.

How To Consume Stoney patch 500mg Of Thc Dummies

Start slow and increase your dose as you gain more experience with the product. The high can take an hour or even up to two hours to take effect. Be aware of this and DO NOT continue to consume more if you “don’t feel high”. In order to have a great edible experience, be sure to manage your dosing properly. Consumers have often reported this gummy to have a ‘milder’ effect relative to other gummies. So, you might need a little bit of a higher dose.

Recommended Of the Stoney Patch 500mg Of Thc Dummies Dosage

Gummies are carefully dosed with 500mg cannabis to give you the best trip possible. Whether you’re at hanging out with friends, going camping, hitting the gym, or kicking back at home and watching a late-night movie, Cannaburst Gummies are the munchies to have! Try for yourself & order online today!

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